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Paypal Online Casinos

PayPal payment is not a new thing as it was established in California I 1998. In 2002, the company was bought by EBay. The company is known for authentic work as it has received more than twenty awards. PayPal is used to receive and send money through the website. You need to sign up for you to have a PayPal account. You are in a position to make payments via PayPal having funded your account through bank account or credit card.

To buy using the services of PayPal is easy as you just click on it on check out procedure. Transfer of payment to your beneficiary's account is done by PayPal having funded your account. The recipient will be notified via an email that they have been paid.

Sellers transfer their funds in to their banking accounts using PayPal easily. You will be required to pay small transaction fee if you are not a resident of US as they use this service without pay. The services of PayPal are used by forty three countries. Nevertheless, only seven countries can transfer money via PayPal. These are:

* New Zealand
* Australia
* Germany
* Netherlands
* United Kingdom
* France
* Canada

To withdraw money from PayPal account, you will wait for about three to five days. PayPal offers low fees; it is highly recommended for you especially if you have a personal account. You can receive about hundred dollars in a month without being charged in case you open a personal account. However, business men pay some small percentages as transaction fee to get their money.

People who do freelance work are disadvantaged by PayPal as they make payments from PayPal but they cannot receive funds from PayPal as seen in South Africa. It is worth to note that fraud rate in PayPal is very low as compared to other methods of payment.