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Yatzy Download: Play Exciting Game of Dice with

If math has happened to be your favorite subject in high school, then you are surely going to love this game of yatzy on Yatzy is very similar to the traditional game of dice. Over the period of time it has been improvised and released in the market by Milton Bradley. This game is now available in its online avatar and yatzy download can be obtained from various gaming sites like

The game of yatzy can be played with 2 players, however for best results it is recommended that, it is played with 3-4 players. Just like the normal version, the online yatzy download version also consists of 5 discs, where the players can roll the dices for 3 times hoping to make the maximum score in one of the 15 different categories. in each turn the dice can be rolled by a players for three times.

The score in online yatzy download version s calculated by computing the score from the score pad and multiplying it with one hundred and then adding the remaining time bonus. When the dices are rolled for the first time, it is done with all the five dices. After the initial round is over the player can choose to roll the dices gain or keep scoring points on the score pad. If the players decides to keep scoring, it implies that a new turn is about to begin. Before the dice are set on roll, a player can hold as many dices as he wishes, but unfortunately, he is not allowed to include the held dice in the next roll of the game.