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Best Video Poker Strategy

Video Keno is an automated version of the coveted casino classic and falls within the ranks of video poker and slots online. Since players must effectively match 20 numbers out of 100 in order to win the jackpot, developing a sound video Keno strategy is very important.

Progressive Betting Strategies

Positive progression betting strategies are very common among video Keno players. These strategies require players to decide upon a standard betting unit and then build upon that as their game progresses. Each consecutive win results in betting double the original amount for the next game. For instance, a player who chooses $1.00 as their standard unit and wins would double this bet to $2.00 for the next game, $4.00 for the one after, continuing each time they win. If they lose, they simply revert back to the original betting unit.

Standard Betting Strategies

Despite the popularity of progressive betting as a video Keno strategy, many players simply feel more comfortable with standard betting practices. In essence, these players simply bet on the number combinations that have the highest probability of earning winnings. In video Keno, the highest probability of winning is often associated with betting the lowest amount of numbers possible--usually seven. Although the player will not win as much as he would with a 15 to 20 number combination, he is still making forward progress and earning money.

Since video Keno is based almost solely upon luck, it is nearly impossible for a player to develop a particular video Keno strategy that can turn the odds in their favor. By practicing safe betting strategies, they are able to effectively manage their bankrolls.